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Are you the best at what you do in your market? It feels good to be the best at what you do, however, if your potential customers don’t know it, it simply doesn’t matter. Imagine how you will feel when everyone knows you are the best! That’s what Reputation Marketing with ReviewGoole can do for you.

It’s as simple as this: reputation matters, and your business depends on it.

Potential customers are highly influenced by reviews and ratings they see online, especially negative reviews. In today’s digital world, 88% of consumers trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from an acquaintance.

It Pays for itself 2 ways:
  • The customer selects you first when conducting online searches
  • Drives repeat business back to you

Charge more for your products or services.
There is a truism that states every business transaction has 3 elements: Price, Quality and Service. You never get all 3, if you pay less, you sacrifice either quality or service. It’s simple, by improving your reputation you increase the perceived quality of your product or service. Many consumers are willing to pay more for higher quality.
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The truth is, the people most likely to leave reviews are unhappy customers. Satisfied customers often intend to leave a review but never get around to it. Reputation marketing with ReviewGoole allows you to prevent and control negative reviews. You can respond quickly and professionally to negative reviews while promoting and sharing positive reviews. Real reviews from enthusiastic customers help to promote your brand and encourage new customers.

Research shows that negative reviews and poor star ratings can impact your business if you don’t manage them properly.

True or False
A bad review leaves a negative impression in the mind of the consumer?
True or False
When it comes to new business generation, a company’s reputation is critical?

This is the reason reputation marketing is so vital. There is no denying that in today’s market, online ratings and reviews influence virtually every consumer’s decision.
Stop wasting your marketing dollars!
No matter how much traffic a website receives, if your online reputation is poor (or non-existent), the ability to convert that traffic to leads and into sales are drastically reduced thereby diminishing the ROI.
Reputation Marketing can generate pre-qualified, pre-sold leads for your business.



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