The Process

Marketing is so much more than a single project. Instead of having a beginning and an end to this task, marketers rely on an ongoing process to develop a competitive strategy for clients. Many clients have the wrong mindset when they approach marketing.
  • Can I double my ROI this year?
  • When can I put my marketing strategy on autopilot?
  • Is your digital marketing work guaranteed?
  • Does the price go down after a while?
  • Can I use a professional for a month and then go it alone?
These questions are indicative of a problem with the mindset of many clients. They think that marketers wave a magic wand to get results. After some magic dust is sprinkled on a website or a social media profile, the hard work is done and results are imminent.

Instead, marketing has to be fine-tuned to address issues, reach customers, and generate results.
Instead of looking at project end dates, we ask our clients to use benchmarks. We recommend our clients use our services for a minimum of six months and then analyze the results. At the six-month point, we can reevaluate the direction and show our clients why an ongoing marketing strategy is necessary.

The Process of Marketing - Examples

It can be difficult to understand that marketing is a process without looking at specific examples. While the possibilities are endless, here are some of the most common and easiest to understand examples we encounter.
Many clients think that a website is finished once it’s live. The design is complete, so the hard work is over and now the website just needs to bring in traffic.

There is actually quite a bit of work that goes into maintaining a website. Marketers must A/B split test all elements of the website, including the content, images, layouts, navigation, and calls-to-action to ensure that it’s optimized. This is an ongoing process, with updates and changes occurring on a regular basis.
SEO/SEM strategies are also ongoing. The best marketers dynamically analyze keywords based on real-time search data. Content and keywords are modified to reach more people based on what is being searched for at the current time.
Informational Marketing
Companies use blogs, videos, and other forms of media to inform their customer base. Marketers pluck information from new search queries and then develop informational marketing strategies around it. Search queries change often, so new information is continuously needed.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a never-ending process. Marketers post regular updates and engage with followers to form connections. These tasks have to be done several times a week to maintain an online presence.

The Best Marketing Takes Time

Internet marketing is not a quick fix. Digital marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and companies need to change as well to keep up. If they simply set up a marketing campaign and forget about it, they will not get the results they want.

Change your mindset so you understand that you will get back what you put into it. You might not double your ROI in six months, but with an ongoing marketing strategy, you will see results.

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