Pay Per Click "PPC"

Pay Per Click can be one of the most fruitful marketing strategies if it is done wisely and creatively. It can quickly bring more visitors to your site, promote your business brand and generate more sales.

Web Promotion Partners spends time getting to know you and your business goals so that we can develop the perfect solution for you.

Generate leads, promote your brand and increase traffic flow to your online business by executing a customized Pay Per Click advertising campaign. Our team of experts have the knowledge and the experience to create innovative solutions that will raise your virtual profile and guarantee a high return on your investment.

This is how we’ll build your Pay Per Click campaign:

Analyze your current marketing strategies
Target your ideal audience
Select essential key words and phrases
Develop your customized campaign
Continue to analyze your campaign for optimization
Watch your business grow

Our team of experts will:

Extensively research key words for your business- this is a vital aspect of a PPC campaign
Constantly monitor tracking of visitors and conversions to ensure ROI is optimal
Create professional, expert ads to engage your target customers
Build optimized landing pages for your business
Provide expert PPC consulting and training to your in-house marketing team

Retargeting- Remarketing

Retargeting or Remarketing is a form of PPC advertising. It allows you to reach consumers who have searched for what you do or visited your landing page but have not returned or converted. Using the latest technology, it follows the potential customer around the internet by placing ads during future browsing sessions.

A retargeting or remarketing campaign shows a great ROI (return on investment) as these consumers have already expressed interest in what you do. Your retargeting ad will appear when they are browsing the internet later on, capturing their interest once again and directing them back to your site. The internet user then has a higher potential of converting to a new customer and perhaps even a loyal customer.
Web Promotion Partners uses the best technology available to allow your campaign to target a wide range of consumers across multiple ad exchanges. We will:
Analyze data and help you select your audience
Develop a customized plan for your campaign
Build and manage your campaign
Conduct ongoing specialized analysis to maximize the success of your campaign and boost conversion statistics
Click-through and conversion rates for retargeting and remarketing strategies are superior to standard banner advertising. It’s a business campaign that just makes good sense.

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