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Are you the best at what you do in your market? It feels good to be the best at what you do, however, if your potential customers don’t know it, it simply doesn’t matter. Imagine how you will feel when everyone knows you are the best! That’s what Reputation Marketing with ReviewGoole can do for you.

It’s as simple as this: reputation matters, and your business depends on it.

Potential customers are highly influenced by reviews and ratings they see online, especially negative reviews. In today’s digital world, 88% of consumers trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from an acquaintance.

It Pays for itself 2 ways:

The customer selects you first when conducting online searches
Drives repeat business back to you
Charge more for your products or services.
There is a truism that states every business transaction has 3 elements: Price, Quality and Service. You never get all 3, if you pay less, you sacrifice either quality or service. It’s simple, by improving your reputation you increase the perceived quality of your product or service. Many consumers are willing to pay more for higher quality.

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The truth is, the people most likely to leave reviews are unhappy customers. Satisfied customers often intend to leave a review but never get around to it.
Reputation marketing with ReviewGoole allows you to prevent and control negative reviews. You can respond quickly and professionally to negative reviews while promoting and sharing positive reviews. Real reviews from enthusiastic customers help to promote your brand and encourage new customers.

Research shows that negative reviews and poor star ratings can impact your business if you don’t manage them properly.

True or False: A bad review leaves a negative impression in the mind of the consumer?

True or False: When it comes to new business generation, a company’s reputation is critical?

This is the reason reputation marketing is so vital. There is no denying that in today’s market, online ratings and reviews influence virtually every consumer’s decision.

Stop wasting your marketing dollars!
No matter how much traffic a website receives, if your online reputation is poor (or non-existent), the ability to convert that traffic to leads and into sales are drastically reduced thereby diminishing the ROI. 

Reputation Marketing can generate pre-qualified, pre-sold leads for your business.


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How Good Is Your Online Reputation?
Just like a high credit score provides your business advantages, so does a high online reputation score. A company with a high credit score gains advantages such as better terms with your suppliers and a lower cost to borrow money. Similarly, a high reputation score attracts more customers and even gives you pricing power.Learn more about your business reputation and how it can impact your business growth.

Your FREE Detailed Report Provides a Measure of Your Online Reputation Score.
Here is What you Get

Online Visibility
Can your business be found online quickly and easily? Can your business be found with just your business category? Is your address and phone number listed correctly in online directories? These and several other factors are assessed and full details provided on how you can improve your online visibility score.

Reputation Score
The online reputation score shows your overall rating, number of recent reviews, distribution of reviews and more. It explains each aspect of reputation scoring and why certain review sites matter more than others. The reputation score is based on 8 different measurements. Each measurement is documented in detail along with recipes to improve your online reputation.

Competitive Position
When your competitors enjoy a better reputation score, they take away your potential customers. They also gain advantage when your clients choose to look for alternatives. Find out your rank and what to do to improve your online reputation competitive position.

Website Local Readiness
Local Search Optimization begins with your website. There are several best practices that your website should employ to rank higher in category searches for businesses like yours. Even with a high online visibility, your website still needs to rank high in search results so that customers find your business before a competitor’s business.

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“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” – STEPHEN R. COVEY

Think about it. Nearly all purchase decisions are based on one critical element: TRUST. If your potential customers do not perceive you as trustworthy, they probably won’t do business with you. Keep in mind, in today’s digital world the internet is ubiquitous, it’s always on, 24/7. And, your competitors are just one click away. So what’s a business-owner to do? 

Ask yourself these two pivotal questions:

Does my brand inspire trust? 

Do my marketing efforts inspire trust in my products or services? 

What Is Micro Branding and Why Does It Matter?

To understand the term “Micro Branding” it’s important to understand what most people think of when they hear the term Brand. And most people instantly get visions of the most well known logos (Brands) in the world, like Nike, IBM, Coke etc. These behemoths have spend 100’s of millions of dollars creating their brand to create instant recognition and inspire trust. But you don’t have that budget, so what are you to do? Our solution is “Micro Branding”. 

Micro branding encompasses much more than just your business logo. Regardless of your business or industry, as a small business, YOU are your brand. It is your individualized blend of talent, skill, and experience that you impart to your staff that differentiates you from others in your market. Your existing customers and loyal employees already recognize these qualities in you -- and when your potential customers take notice, it will catapult you and your business to even greater success. 

Authenticity and credibility form the foundation for persuasive micro branding. You may be thinking, “Yeah, I’ve already got that. I’m the best at what I do in the marketplace.” 
Congratulations, that’s awesome! 

And you know you’re the best, and your existing customers know it, but what about the rest of the world???

Those are the people in your target market who have not yet done business with you. Do they see your micro brand as authentic and credible? Do they believe you offer the best product or service they can purchase? Do they want to do business with you, based on their perceptions? 

Because if they don’t, what you think about you doesn’t mean squat. 

To put it another way, reputation matters...and your business depends on it. Like it or not, in the age of everything digital, reviews and ratings make a tremendous impact on your potential customers. In fact, 88% of consumers report that they trust online reviews almost as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know in real life.
When it comes to Micro Branding, there are two key components:
  1. The First Impression - the opinion a consumer forms about you after their initial exposure to your business or your online presence.
  2. What they say about you when you’re not around - today that’s called “Social Proof,” and it’s also known as “influence." This term was coined by Robert Cialdini in 1984. In today’s business climate, it’s used to describe what people say about you online and how it influences your potential new customers while you’re offline running your business. 
To achieve unprecedented success, blow away the competition, and expand your brand and influence, you must be proactive with your online reputation.

We get it: you’re a hardworking entrepreneur with a dynamic business to manage and countless demands to fulfill. What if you don’t have time to monitor every unflattering thing people say about you on the internet, no matter how detrimental it could be to your bottom line?

ReviewGoole: A Smart Investment 
in Your Priceless Reputation

Do you want to leave your reputation up to chance? 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with ReviewGoole, the best online Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management system available. In the ultra-competitive online market, a review marketing system plays an increasingly vital role; business-owners who either ignore the significance of reviews or fail to properly manage their online review presence pay a steep price. With endless options to choose from, the majority of consumers who place a high priority on social proof will leave you behind in the dust when they read derogatory reviews about your business. 

If that’s not enough to motivate you to implement a review marketing system, consider the following:
Your Google search results will take a hit. Even if your business is operating smoothly, we can guarantee that the unsatisfied portion of your customer base will publish their grievances with your business in a negative review online.
In contemporary cyberspace, countless review sites are popping up and gaining prominence. Consequently, it’s a monumental task for even the most dedicated and diligent business-owner to stay abreast of all of them, which means your company may have an ABUNDANCE of negative reviews you are not even aware of!
Negative reviews reflect poorly on a business. If a disgruntled customer writes about their subpar customer experience, you can be sure an incalculable amount of prospective customers will see it. And they will take their money elsewhere, creating an adverse impact on your company’s overall revenue.
Negative internet reviews are forever... unless you do something about them. It may only take 30 seconds for an aggrieved customer to write and publish a damaging review, but it will remain on the web unless and until you deal with it effectively. Problem is, it has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming to manage your company’s reviews manually.
Why ReviewGoole?

This cost-effective and extremely powerful review management and marketing system provides all the essential components a savvy business-owner needs to create and manage their online reputation. It’s the best online review management software available, ReviewGoole stands out among a plethora of review management software for its efficiency and ability to:
  • Manage customer reviews.
  • Generate new customer reviews.
  • Manage your company’s online reputation.
  • Provide the most cost-effective solution available and give you the most “bang for your buck.”
The Proactive Approach of Reputation Marketing
How does it work? First, we create a fantastic online reputation that captures your micro brand; then we make it go viral. Because there’s no point in having a stellar reputation if nobody knows about it. Let us build your brand, inspire trust with your customers, and help your business and profitability reach heights you’ve only dreamed of up until creating your compelling online reputation.

The Proactive (and Necessary) Approach of Reputation Management
Let’s be real: most business-owners are reactive instead of proactive. They wait until there’s a serious problem with their online reputation before they try to fix it and by then, it’s too late. Does this sound familiar? If you’re dealing with a negative online reputation, you are already losing customers to your loathed competitors - ugh! The worst part about this dreaded outcome? It never had to happen.

Don’t panic; we can turn it around.
When you invest in our ReviewGoole service, we will help you create a fantastic online reputation and help make it go viral. Eventually, everywhere your potential customer looks, they will see and read great things about you, ultimately making their decision to choose you really easy.

Brand Monitoring
People are talking online ALL THE TIME... It’s impossible for you to keep up. No worries, we monitor the online review ecosystem 24/7, which frees you up to focus on what you do best: serve your clients with excellence. Our proven system alerts you when someone says something, shall we say, undesirable about you online, giving you a chance to respond before any significant damage is done and before you lose any potential business.


In three simple steps, ReviewGoole helps your business monitor, increase, and promote customer reviews.
Step 1: Monitor Your Company’s Online Reviews
ReviewGoole compiles a comprehensive database of all relevant review sites and categorizes and assigns an authority level for each one. The software identifies the business listings and develops a comprehensive analysis of your company’s online reputation, letting you know exactly where your company ranks in the increasingly competitive online market.
Step 2: Increase the Overall Number of Reviews for Your Business
ReviewGoole increases the amount of reviews your company receives using a customized online review campaign. It interacts with your customers and encourages them to leave detailed reviews. The result? Your online presence expands.
Step 3: Promote and Amplify Customer Reviews
In one of its most vital components, once your reviews are gathered ReviewGoole broadcasts your positive reviews to the world utilizing a variety of strategies. You can manually manage certain aspects of this campaign, or automate the process entirely so you can focus on other aspects of running your business – the choice is yours!

Now that you know how critical your online reputation is, don’t leave yours to chance. 

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