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Even if your business provides a superior product or service, potential customers can easily be turned off by a website that doesn’t function easily, is difficult to navigate, or doesn’t provide the information they are looking for. And that’s assuming that consumers are actually able to find your website in the first place.

In a highly competitive virtual market, don’t risk giving your local competitors an edge.

Get a genuine picture of your website performance by trusting the experts at Web Promotion Partners to perform a detailed Website Audit. Auditing helps to identify performance issues, gather information about viewers’ habits and provides input on how your website can be improved.

What is Website Optimization (WSO)?

Search Engine Optimization (sometimes referred to as website optimization) refers to the strategy involved in developing your company's website and online presence so that your website appears in a more favorable position in search engine results pages (SERPS). Online search engines consider a wide range of factors when determining your company's ranking on the search engine results pages, including relevance, readability, and content. The research does not lie - the vast majority of searchers will not look beyond the very first search engine results page, so it is imperative that your company understands the importance of these factors and creates a detailed search engine optimization strategy to obtain as high a ranking as possible.

So how do you create an effective search engine optimization strategy? SEO strategies involve a wide range of components, including the creation of citations, link building, utilizing the correct keywords for your industry and business service offerings, effective content creation, ensuring your website contains a search-engine friendly design, and many more factors that can make or break your search engine results. Search engines are often finicky and are continually changing, so it is vital to keep abreast of these developments and to understand the impact they will have on the search engine results pages. 

So how does this affect your business? When your company does not appear in a favorable position on a search engine, your business will suffer - you are losing potential customers. Not only are these customers lost, but they will be exposed to your competition. Developing and implementing an effective search engine optimization strategy will put you ahead of the game, and will place your business in a position to generate high quality traffic to your website at a relatively low cost.
In today's extremely competitive business landscape, search engine optimization has transformed from a luxury into a necessity. If your company does not have a multi-faceted online marketing strategy with an aggressive focus on search engine optimization, you may be losing customers to your competition. If you feel your business can benefit from professional SEO services, then the professionals at Web Promotion Partners can help. Web Promotion Partners have an outstanding track record of making it easy for search engines to locate your website and have it rank higher in relevant searches, which will connect potential customers to you. Web Promotion Partners offer a wide range of world class SEO packages, and will work closely with you to create a customized online marketing strategy to have your company rise ahead of the competitors - contact us today!
What we audit:


Understanding and identifying who your viewers are and what they are looking for
Understanding how the website is functioning- navigation, content, broken links, user experience, web response times

Compliance to Standards

Appropriate use of International coding standards
Up to date compliance to standards
Performance across multiple platforms and browsers

Business Process

Consistency between website and the vision for your business
Online marketing and promotion – social media, email, website
Using emerging technology to boost your business


Adaptation to enhancements in technology and across devices
Developing long term strategies

Information Management

Use of key search words and phrases



Website Auditing is not a one-time event.

In a quickly changing and highly evolving technologic world, continuous auditing ensures that your virtual business stays current and relevant and has a high return on investment. Audit your business website and enhance it to guarantee that you have the best website possible. An optimized website just makes good business sense.

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