Marketing Tips for Lawyers

If you’re in the legal field, you are a master of the law, but you are likely lost when it comes to digital marketing. You’ve tried to figure it out, but it seems like it’s a different language. Fortunately, there is a solution to your frustration. Learn some simple fundamentals that will help you master the most influential marketing strategies.

1. Start With a Professional Website

Your Google My Business page is one of the easiest and most important aspects of reaching new customers. This page will put you out in front of countless people looking for a new dentist or orthodontist.

When people do a Google search for a local business, a map of listings come up in the results. The group of listings is the Google Local Pack. Google pulls the information from Google My Business listings and then compiles the pack. If you have a Google My Business page, you can be a part of the Local Pack.

Start by claiming your listing. Next, it’s time to optimize it.
Select your business category. This will put your business into a specific category so people can easily find it.

Then, include your phone number and fill out the description. Use some local keywords when filling out the description.

Finish it by adding your hours and address. You will also notice the listing has a section for reviews. You want customers to leave reviews to give your listing a boost. That’s covered later in this article.

2. Create Content for the Website

Your website looks amazing, and now you need to fill it with content. The design will grab people’s attention and build trust, and the content should give people more information about who you are and what you offer.

Creating Your Identity

When creating content, you want to start with your identity. Building your online identity will also boost your credibility.

You need to include your firm’s:

  • Physical address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address and/or contact form.
  • Ownership information (parent company, affiliations).
  • Purpose and mission.

What to Avoid

Now that you know what to include, you need to consider what to avoid. You don’t want to turn off potential clients, so avoid:

  • Too much text and not enough white space.
  • Fine print.
  • Slow loading times.

3. Gather Social Proof

Social proof in the form of reviews and testimonials is a very powerful marketing strategy. You want to get as much social proof as you can, and that can be accomplished with a little bit of research.

Start by finding the influencers in your area. You can do this by monitoring online reviews. When you come across a positive review, read it and determine why it was so positive. Take that information and apply it to your own practice.

Also, when you identify someone who is an active reviewer, go the extra mile in the customer service department. Work hard to get those positive reviews.

As you do this, your reviews will start coming in. Monitor all mentions of your firm so you can manage its reputation.

Responding to Positive Reviews

Monitoring reviews is essential to maintaining a positive online presence. When you see a positive review for your firm, you need to respond in a timely fashion. Thank the reviewer, but do not use the space to solicit additional clients. If you use the space to try to get people to sign up for an email list or attend an event, your kind gesture could be misinterpreted and cause you to lose business.

Dealing With Negative Reviews

No matter how excellent your firm is, you could come across a negative review from time to time. Reviews show up in search results, so take the time to respond to the review. Address the problem or complaint to show others that you are willing to resolve issues.

Add Testimonials to Case Studies

Gather reviews as often as possible, and reach out to former clients to ask for a statement about your firm. Let the client know that you want to use the statement in your marketing materials. Then, create such a study and add quotes from clients to show that your firm is credible.

You should also include client testimonials on your website. Powerful testimonials can help you build a relationship with clients before they sign on the dotted line. Then, they will be more apt to forgive you if an issue arises.

4. Branch Out Online

You want to build your online presence beyond your website, and you can do that with a blog and social media accounts.


Many businesses use blogs to build their online presence and increase their credibility. Blogging is becoming more popular in the law industry and is an excellent way to reach new clients.

You can use your law blog to attract traffic, report on developments, and share insights. If you do this correctly, you can position yourself as a thought leader in the legal field.

Reasons to Blog

There are countless reasons to maintain a blog on your website, but some of the top reasons are:

  • Increasing your online exposure.
  • Building your reputation.
  • Maintaining a reputation with existing clients.
  • Educating your current and future clients.

Social Media

Lawyers use social media for a variety of reasons. Popular reasons include career development and networking, as well as building awareness and educating their colleagues and clients.

It’s also an excellent tool for client development. When you use social media correctly, you can attract new clients.


If you are only going to create one social media account, it needs to be on LinkedIn. This platform is commonly referred to as “The Facebook for Professionals” and is a great way to build your online reputation and connect with others.

Create a company profile page on LinkedIn and then update it regularly. Your page should always contain the latest information.

5. Run Retargeting Ads

Retargeting is the process of showing ads to people who have previously visited a website. The ads can show up on websites or social media channels, and they are a powerful tool in getting new clients.

Bring People Back to Your Website

You put a lot of effort into getting people to your website. When people are still in the research stage, they might go to other sites. You don’t want them to forget about yours, so retargeting is important. You can use this method to bring people back after they leave your website.

Increase Brand Awareness With Retargeting

Retargeting also helps you increase your brand awareness. People familiarize themselves with your brand the first time they visit the site. Every time they see an ad, your brand’s identity is reinforced, growing stronger and stronger.

When you use retargeting, you can reinforce your brand’s image by putting it out in front of the same people over and over again.

Get a Competitive Advantage With Retargeting

As people become more familiar with your brand, their level of trust and confidence will grow. That’s not all, though. It will also help with brand differentiation. Your brand will start to stand out among the sea of firms out there. As your brand stands out, you will build even more trust with potential clients.

What You Need to Do to Start a Retargeting Campaign

If you want to start a retargeting campaign, you’ll need to follow some steps.

Step 1 – Consider the Message

What message do you want to convey to your customers? Come up with it and then put it on a custom banner ad. Add a call-to-action and high-quality photos.

Step 2 – Add a Pixel to Your Website

You have to track visitors so you know who has visited your site. Place a pixel on your site to track visitors. When people come to your site, they will receive a cookie. This cookie continues to follow them as they browse the web. Your retargeting campaign will use the cookie to place the ads in front of those who’ve been to your website.

Step 3 – Add a Privacy Policy to Your Website

You need to let your site’s visitors know that you use cookies to track them. Although this is a common practice, you need to disclose it.

Step 4 – Check the Statistics

You need to keep track of how your ads are performing. Look at the clicks and conversions to see if your traffic increases and if you are getting more leads. If your ads aren’t performing as they should, tweak the messaging. 


An Easy Method for Converting Clients

Retargeting is a great option for firms of any size. It doesn’t matter if you are working alone or in a huge practice. This cost-effective method drives high-quality traffic to websites and helps generate leads. Plus, retargeting is easy to set up.

You will reach interested parties immediately. These ads will give them the little push they need to get your services.

Start Marketing Today

Digital marketing is complex, but if you start with these fundamentals, you can build your online presence and recruit more clients. Start with a solid website design and then add quality content to it.

Keep an eye on your online reviews and get testimonials from satisfied clients as often as you can. Use those testimonials in case studies and on your website.

Also, be sure to move away from your website and engage in other forms of marketing. Use your blog to generate more traffic and create social media accounts to build even more connections.

Finally, use retargeting to reach those people who are already interested in your firm.

When you put all these strategies together, you will have a powerful marketing campaign.

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