November 30, 2018

Google Text Message for Your Business, Do You Need it?

Is your business ready to manage text messages from your customers?  If not, you may soon find yourself on the outside looking in. Google has introduced a new messaging feature in local search results, and it appears as though this feature will be heavily focused upon in the coming months.  Companies that have positioned themselves to effectively manage this newly developed feature will be ahead of the group, as slow adapters will struggle to reach this ever expanding group of customers (and potential customers) who are much more likely to text first and call later (if ever). This is more common among Millennials’ and Gen Z or the iGen and as they age into a more productive consumer, they are more apt to use this feature. Any of you that have children in these demographics will understand what I mean.

In a nutshell, this feature will allow customers and potential customers to contact your google my business messagingbusiness via text, by clicking on a “Message” icon in the company’s Google My Business profile.  The push from Google is illustrated by them recently redesigning and enlarging the Message Icon. It is now more prominently featured on your Google My Business profile than it was in the past, which i sure to result in an increase in use within the local search community given its enhanced level of visibility.

Here is an important question to consider: what would you do, as a customer, if you messaged a company and do not receive a timely response (or no response at all)?  If you are like the vast majority of consumers, you will very likely move to the next business in the search, which is very likely one of your company’s main competitors.

An effectively managed Google Message platform for your business should not be viewed as a luxury – it should be viewed as a necessity – and it is vital to plan and initiate this strategy as early as possible.  If your business implements a timely and effective Google Message strategy, not only will you keep your own client base happy, but you stand to gain a significant amount of new business from your competition, which is vital in today’s ultra-competitive business landscape.

So what are the steps to effectively create a Google Message strategy?  Monitoring text messages and responding to both customer and potential customers can be done by utilizing the Google My Business app on your smart device, through basic text messaging, or on the Google My Business website.  Once you activate messaging within your GMB dashboard, your business will have the “Message” icon on your panel for searchers to view. There are two options available for searchers to utilize this feature – by utilizing the message icon or by clicking on the “Contact Us Now” icon – both accomplish the same thing.  An ever-increasing number of local searchers will choose to utilize this messaging feature if it is available as compared to listings with only the phone number present, which is a testament to our text-first generation. At this time, this feature is only available for mobile search results, however Google may expand this in the future.

If you would like assistance implementing and managing your Google Message service, we here at Web Promotion Partners can help!  Contact us at (561) 299-3942 or visit us at to arrange for an initial consultation.

And remember – when it comes to Google, if ya ain’t first, you’re last!

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